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Policies for Students:

What will the Foreman library staff help me with?
Just about any academic problem:
  • Looking for a fiction book to read? We provide reader's advisory service.
  • Want a quiet & safe place to're in the right place.
  • Help with research? See us!
  • Looking for books about something you found interesting in class...ASK.
  • Need help with using PowerPoint, attaching a file to an email, printing a file or other technology-based questions...We are in your corner.
  • Need to check-out or return a book...that is what we do!
  • Want to search the Chicago Tribune historic database...sounds like fun to us.

Do I have to wear my ID and meet Foreman dress requirements when I'm in the Library (do I still have to follow all the rules)?
  • Good-God, yes! The library is an instructional space and we enforce all school-wide behavior can expect great appreciation for compliance or application of local consequences for failure to comply. This includes attire, IDs, use of electronic devises, etc.

Is the Library open before and after school?
  • Yes, students may access the library everyday before 1st period (7:30 and 7:45​) and after school MTThF (until at least 3:30).
  • This is the time you should return books, check-out books, use computers, print materials due for class, etc.
  • PLAN: you should not need to come during your class periods (and miss class instruction) to conduct business that could, nay should, be done before and/or after school.

Is it true that I can come and use the Library during my lunch period?
  • Absolutely...not only is it true, it is encouraged--We want a full house. ​BUT: ​see below...
  • Scenario 1: Foreman has placed a high priority on student punctuality AND keeping its halls clear (hall sweeps?). To support this initiative You WILL NOT be admitted to the library after the bell that starts your lunch period (you must trat this as a real class period) must be in the library, on time or go back to lunch. The only exception is if you were detained by a staff member and have a complete pass from that staff member.
  • Scenario 2: When the Library has been signed out for class use during your lunch period you will not be admitted. Check weekly schedule on door of the library...if there is a teacher's name in the period that is your lunch, the Library is in use and you should go back to Room 399.
  • Scenario 3: Students who abuse this lunch period privilege will have it revoked.

May I use the computers in the library?
  • Yes, the computers are instructional resources meant for your use.
  • The library has 29 working (mostly) lap-tops and 4 stationary desk-top computers.
  • To get a lap-top computer you must present your Foreman ID (including temps & official tardy passes) to the librarian.
  • You will be assigned a numbered computer.
  • When you return the computer, your ID will be returned to you.
  • Check any damage to equipment when you receive it or you will be held responsible for damaged equipment when you return it.
  • Damage to, or misuse of, equipment will result in denial of this privilege in the future and be reported as per CPS policy.

May I print documents from library computers?
  • Yes.
  • When you are ready to print your documents make sure printer is connected to IDS 3 and it says "ready."
  • Each student is given a credit of $5.00 (50 B/W copies)...these are free of charge.
  • When you exhaust this credit copies are $0.10 per B/W page and $0.25 per color page.
  • Please see librarian for printing assistance.

How do I check-out a book?
  • Bring item(s) for check-out to the circulation desk.
  • Present Foreman ID to librarian.
  • ID and book(s) are scanned by librarian.
  • Students are limited to 3 checked-out items at a time.

How long may I keep a book?
  • The circulation period for all library items is 10 school days (generally two calender weeks). Due date will be written on card in pocket of book.

May I renew books?
  • Yes! (1) Bring item back to librarian prior to due date; (2) Check item in; (3) Immediately check item back out for another two weeks.

I turned a book in late. How much do I owe?
  • You are responsible for returning Library materials by the due date.
  • Should items be returned late, each item will incur a $0.10 per day fine.
  • Library fines remain on your record until they are paid in full.
  • Library fines from CPS schools previously attended follow you to Foreman.

I lost a library book. What happens now?
  • Tell librarian immediately so book can be marked lost (you will continue to incur $0.10 late fee until book is marked lost).
  • If you loose a book, you will be charged the full replacement cost of the item AND any late fees associated with the item.
  • If you later find a book that was marked lost, bring it back to the library and we will correct the book status.

I just won't pay my fines!
  • Students with more than $15.00 in library fines will not be allowed to circulate any more library books until the debt is paid.
  • When it is time to graduate or get official transcripts you will have to pay all outstanding debts to the school, including library fines.
  • Fines will not just disappear...PLEASE be responsible and do not incur any fines!

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