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Chicago Public Library Catalog:

Since first opening its doors to the public in 1873, the Chicago Public Library has maintained its status of one of the City’s most democratic of institutions — providing all Chicagoans with a free and open place to gather, learn, connect, read and be transformed.
The more than 70 locations of the Chicago Public Library are at the forefront of providing innovative library services, technologies and tools Chicagoans need to achieve their personal goals and to establish the City’s role as a competitive force in the global marketplace.
Since 1989, the City of Chicago and the Chicago Public Library have opened 59 new or renovated neighborhood libraries — unprecedented public library growth. These new libraries are that special third place — beyond home and work — where people come to improve their lives, nourish their intellect or simply to be entertained. The library is where people of all ages and backgrounds gather freely. Through its rich and current book collections, state of the art technology and cultural and public partnerships, the Chicago Public Library is a thriving, engaged leader in Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods.

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NOTE: You will need your Chicago Public Library card number and home Zip code to access CPL databases.

Chicago Public Library Branches Close to Foreman:
If you are looking for a library outside of Foreman, CPL has several branches that may be convenient for our students. Below you can link to the home page for these branches to find address, hours of operation, search their specific collections, etc.

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