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General Library Information:

Mr. Martin Lombardo. email:

Main Library: located on the first floor of Foreman High School in Room 118 (one classroom door south of the main office).
Foreman e-Libraries (each is equipped with 30 stationary computers and printer): located in Rooms 121 & 125.

Library Hours:

The Main Library is open for student use MTThF from 7:30 am-3:30 pm and Wednesdays from 7:30 am-3:30 pm.
The e-Library currently is only available for class instruction when signed-out and supervised by a teacher.

Library Resources:

Students and staff have access to a print collection of nearly 10,000 items divided into the following categories:
  • Non-Fiction: 4,900 circulating items.
  • Fiction: 2,000 circulating items.
  • Reference: 1,100 non-circulating items.
  • Class Sets: 1,750 circulating items.
  • Spanish and French language: 210 circulating items.
  • Graphic Novels: 170 circulating items.
  • Chicago Collection: 250 circulating items.

In addition to the print collection, Foreman students and staff have access to the complete CPS research database and electronic books available on the SOAR catalog.

The Main Foreman Library also provides access to the following technology:
  • 30 laptop computers.
  • Cealing-mounted LCD projector available for instructional use.
  • Black and White Printer.
  • Color Printer.
  • Copy machine.
  • Flip digital cameras.

Librarian Services:

Services for students:​
  • Reader advisory services.
  • Research assistance.
  • Point of need reference services.
  • Book check-out, renewal, and return.
  • Library user instruction.
  • Assistance in applying available technology.
  • Support students in use of SOAR online catalog.
  • Computer use and document printing.
  • Study space before school, after school, and/or during lunch period..

Services for staff:
  • Sign-out of library for class instruction.
  • Facilitate whole-class library user instruction lessons.
  • Collaborative support in the identification and selection of instructional resources.
  • Research assistance.
  • Reference assistance.
  • Collaborative support of staff with lesson development and design.
  • Align library resources with current Foreman curricular needs, CRS, and CFP.
  • Support student research.
  • Keep staff informed as to current technologies suitable for use in the classroom.
  • Assistance in applying current technologies.
  • Support staff in use of SOAR online catalog.

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