Welcome to the Foreman High School Library!

The Foreman library is dedicated to selecting, organizing, and making accessible information resources that are relevant to the educational and literacy needs of our entire student population. We endeavor to promote materials (a) of high interest to our patrons, (b) which possess informational authority and are related to current curriculum and instruction, and (c) which reflect the variety of material formats currently available. We also work diligently to create a safe space that respects the cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity represented in the Foreman community. Through our collection development and solicitous service, we are committed to nurturing our students' information literacy and making the library a central part of their lives.

Our website provides all members of the Foreman High School learning community a centralized and user-friendly tool that will assist students, staff, and parents in identifying and accessing library resources and librarian services. We hope you will be satisfied with your experience.

The Foreman High School Library website can be easily navigated from the Site Outline below. You can reconnect to our Main Page and our Site Outline from all pages within the site.

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